The theatre-makers Waas Gramser and Kris Van Trier have been inseparable on stage since 1991. They created their first performances as part of tg STAN (1991-1993), after which they played under the name Maten (1994-1996) with Guy Cassiers, subsequently spending eight years under the banner of De Onderneming (English translation: The Enterprise, 1997-2005), a n alternative production structure for which they took the initiative. Since 2006, they have steered an independent course, performing under the name Comp.Marius.


the team

Comp.Marius’s core team consists of Waas Gramser and Kris Van Trier (actors) and three colleagues, Jeroen Deceuninck (production), Kelly De Cock (finance) and Alisa Nadezhkina (administration).

New productions and repertoire are created and performed in collaboration with regular guest actors, technicians, stage-hands, cooks, set builders, graphic designers, office staff, set designer Koen Schetske, costume maker Thijsje Strypens and photographer Raymond Mallentjer.



Mobile container construction at Middelheim Museum, Antwerp.

c/o Middelheimmuseum
Middelheimlaan 61, 2020 Antwerp, Belgium
Tel: +32 3 827 91 81 / +32 3 828 92 21

Enterprise number: 0867.161.588


school in residence

Third-year art college students leave their college building to experience the practices of kindred companies/artists who each have their specialities in the areas of writing and acting: open-air theatre, classic repertoire, self-written plays, film, documentary, etc.
The initiative is intended in this way to form a link between the sheltered environment of a college and the reality of arts practice.