Mobile container construction at Middelheim Museum, Antwerp.

c/o Middelheimmuseum
Middelheimlaan 61, 2020 Antwerp, Belgium
Tel: +32 3 827 91 81 / +32 3 828 92 21

Enterprise number: 0867.161.588

Koen Bollen, administartor: admin(at)
Margot Vervliet, production: productie(at)
Alisa Nadezhkina, communication: secr(at)
Stevie Van Haver, technique: tech(at)

Opening hours

weekdays from 10:00 to 17:00

On Mondays the museum is closed - access only possible via the 'Groenvoorziening' gate in Beukenlaan.

The mobile container construction is opposite Chris Burden's work 'Beam Drop'.

No cars are allowed in the park.
Park at Middelheimlaan 63 or surrounding streets.

Public transport: bus 17 (get off at 'Dikke Mee', then walk 500 m.), buses 21 and 33 (get off at 'Lindendreef', then walk 300 m.), bus 32 (get off at 'Koninklijkelaan', then walk 400 m.) and trams 7 and 15 (get off at 'Koninklijkelaan', then walk 1 km.)