school in residence

As part of their training, art college students go off campus to work under the guidance of Comp. Marius on a project of their own, in the context of a theatre company that creates and tours on location and in the open air. This activity is intended to form a link between the sheltered environment of a college and the reality of arts practice.


Academic year 2018-2019
L’Ensatt Lyon in coll. with Comp.Marius

Academic year 2016-2017
KASK (Tom Goossens) in coll. with Comp.Marius: ‘Don Juan’

Academic year 2015-2016
Reading sessions: 12/10/15, 09/11/15, 07/12/15, 11/01/16, 01/02/16, 07/03/16, 11/04/16, 02/05/16
Bachelor project KASK: jan, feb, mar 2016 led by Comp.Marius,
’t Barre Land, Maatschappij Discordia