school in residence

Third-year art college students leave their college building to experience the practices of kindred companies/artists who each have their specialities in the areas of writing and acting: open-air theatre, classic repertoire, self-written plays, film, documentary, etc.

The project started in the 2015-2016 academic year.

The initiative is intended in this way to form a link between the sheltered environment of a college and the reality of arts practice.


At least two teachers from two different companies work with the students for one term. This takes place at the company’s premises. Each teacher is responsible for a period of five weeks, but at the same time maintains a relevant dialogue with the other teacher. This approach makes it possible to enter into relations with a college as a member of an active company without abandoning one’s own practice for (too) long.

In addition, a monthly reading session will be held on the premises of one of the companies (or at any chosen location): second-year students from the various drama colleges read a play or another piece of writing together with the company. In this way, all the companies involved will in the course of the academic year definitely be engaged in activities and the students (and we too) will have read nine pieces of writing by the end of the academic year.

All the companies/artists involved make their workspace available in the current term insofar as it is not in use and can be asked to intervene on substantive matters (with encounters, short workshops, etc.).

The project reserves room for development. It is intended to be active in at least one term per academic year and to hold nine monthly reading sessions in the course of that year. It will not tie itself exclusively to one single college. It is possible that it will be extended to include other companies at a later stage.


School-in-Residence arose out of a need for encounters with a new generation of actors on the one hand, and dialogue between related companies and theatre-makers on the other. It represents a work-in-progress at the home base as a complement to company’s work of production and exportation. It is at the same time a plea for dialogue and diversity and a practical example of solidarity and self-organisation.

Initiated by Comp.Marius in association with Berlin, Martha!Tentatief, ‘t Barre Land (NL), Maaike Neuville and Bas Devos.