Never completed:


Design: Koen Schetske in collaboration with Waas Gramser and Kris Van Trier
Engineers: Patrick Bouchain and Daniel Sour
Preliminary studies: 2005-2006
Co-construction: Marius & cie, Lieu Unique Nantes (FR)

'De Barak is a wooden construction around the stand. This will complete what was started with the stand: a completely mobile wooden theatre. As such we can also perform during the cold winter months and thereby accommodate the audience ourselves.

De Barak has a surface area of 20 x 15 m. The stand fits into this (20 x 10 m) and gives us a performance area of 20 x 5 m. Like the stand, the material used is wood and varnished iron. There is daylight: there are windows on both sides; the walls and roof can be removed. De Barak can be assembled and dismantled in one day. The lorry serves as a changing room in the winter and a cafeteria in the summer.

We built De Barak in association with Le Lieu Unique in Nantes (technical contribution with respect to French safety standards).

The 'Houten Barak' series

We erect De Barak for a period of at least one month in a visible spot somewhere in the city. For that month we perform all the items in our repertoire. De Barak also provides the scenery; only the necessary props and costumes differ from one production to another. A good play, good directing and good actors are all that is needed to put on a good show. At least that’s what we think.

For the 'Houten Barak' series, a period of three months is already planned from mid-June to mid-September 2007 in Nantes. Land#1, a prestigious monumental art biennale along the Loire, has invited us to be bring our wooden shed, which would a visible presence in the landscape as seen from the river. Participation in this large-scale mobile art event is also a challenge. By this date we want to be operating independently of traditional energy sources and expensive security.

Land#1 is an initiative by Jean Blaise, director of Le Lieu Unique in Nantes, in collaboration with the city of Nantes.

Never implemented due to a sudden reduction in Lieu Unique’s budget.