tribune 2001

Construction: 2001

Design: Koen Schetske in collaboration with Waas Gramser and Kris Van Trier
Engineering firm: Timber Engineering
Wooden construction: Koen Schetske, Kris Van Trier, Ravelin Cielen and Waas Gramser
Iron construction: Moker
Funding: de Onderneming (now Comp.Marius)

In 2001 two actors and a graphic designer from de Onderneming (now Comp.Marius) designed and built a wooden stand, similar to a wooden circus stand they used to perform 'Marius' in 1999 and 'Aftergrass' in 2000. It is made from varnished iron, yellow pine and Norwegian pine. The wood is untreated and left exposed to the elements.

This moon-shaped stand provides seats for 200 spectators and meets strict French standards following changes made in 2002. It can be assembled by eight people in four hours and dismantled in two hours. Using this stand they have performed more than three hundred shows, in dozens of cities in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Spain.