tribune 2008

Construction: 2008

Design: Koen Schetske in collaboration with Waas Gramser and Kris Van Trier
Engineering firm: Vinçotte
Wooden construction: Koen Schetske, Stevie Van Haver
Iron construction: Moker
Funding: Comp.Marius

In 2008, after years of intensive use, a new stand was built, offering seats for 250 viewers and satisfying Belgian, Dutch, French, Spanish and German standards.

The idea behind the construction of the two stands comes from major concerns about the aesthetics of the entire structure and the viewer’s comfort. Just as Comp.Marius wants to reawaken ‘forgotten words’ in its texts, use scenery that has 'lived', just as we use organic produce in the 'Pagnol kichen’, drive to an organic farm in the Kempen for the ice-cream that we sell during the intermission of ‘Force of Habit’, so in this way we want to honour the craftsmanship and detailed work with a handcrafted stand.

All this defines the identity of our work.