Sitdown Comedy #2 Houthakken

Thomas Bernhard

After Oude Meesters, Houthakken is the second in a series of monologues-for-two, based on the prose work of Thomas Bernhard. Two characters contradict each other, complement each other, caricaturize each other and end up caricaturing themselves. Such is the comedy. But also the tragedy. Kris Van Trier adapts and interprets, here too, with Vincent Van den Berg (’t Barre Land). Two outstanding actors, two armchairs, a rock-solid text and a bowl of hot potato soup.

Text Holzfällen Author Thomas Bernhard (The Netherlands1931- Austria1989) Translation, adaptation, play, costumes Kris Van Trier, Vincent van den Berg Decor (director) Johannes Vochten Coproduction ’t Barre Land soup John Dejans



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