Arhur Schnitzler

Arthur Schnitzler's first play, adapted by Comp.Marius. Tour jan-feb 2023

Les Enfants du Paradis

Jacques Prévert

A new translation of the original film scenario from 1943. A text about love and play. 'Your days are numbered, you are weighed and found too light, your kingdom is given to the Persians.' | Since 2019 | Site-specific performance

Leocadia (Soms wil ik altijd naar zee)

Jean Anouilh

In 'Leocadia' everyone raves about the theatrical, the eccentric. Behind it lies a sadness for an empty, unfulfilled existence. Longing for love and life, Amanda enters. And then the masks fall off.


La vie est une vilaine cuisine | Alfred (de) Musset (1810-1857)

Tous les hommes ne sont pas capables de grandes choses, mais tous sont sensibles aux grandes choses.


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