Sit-Down Comedy #1 Old Masters

Thomas Bernhard

Comp.Marius and 't Barre Land (NL) are presenting Sit-Down Comedy #1, the first of a series of small-scale performances with an extremely short production process, based on the prose works of Thomas Bernhard.

Kleine Bezetting

Jolente De Keersmaeker & Willy Thomas

Comp.Marius offers two young actors at LUCA drama school, Dagmar Dierick and Jonathan Michiels, a stage to present their bachelor project.


Giuseppe Verdi & Victor Hugo

Adaptation of Verdi's opera and Victor Hugo's The King's Fool. Reconstruction of a tragedy that started as a comedy. Premiere August 2021.


Arhur Schnitzler

Arthur Schnitzler's first play, adapted by Comp.Marius. Premiere on 20 August during the festival MIDDELHEIM 21.

The Comedy of Seduction

Comp.Marius offers drama students a stage to perform their master project in the frame of the summer festival MIDDELHEIM 21.


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