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Guiseppe Verdi & Victor Hugo

" I embody humanity as its masters have made it. Mankind is mutilated (...) In it have been deformed right, justice, truth, reason, intelligence, (...) Its heart has been made a sink of passion and pain, like mine, and, like mine, its features have been hidden in a mask of joy." Victor Hugo

Text Le roi s’amuse, Victor Hugo | Music Rigoletto, Giuseppe Verdi | Text Adaptation Waas Gramser, Tom Goossens| Dramaturgy Lalina Goddard | Director Tom Goossens | Costumes Marij De Brabandere | Set design Johannes Vochten | Musical director Wouter Deltour | Actors and singers Kris Van Trier, Karlijn Sileghem, tenor, soprano, Tom Goossens | Production DESCHONECOMPANIE, Comp.Marius | Coproduction Muziektheater Transparant, Opéra Grand Avignon


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