Productions 2023-2024

Leocadia – Jean Anouilh

French premiere October 2023; Flemish tour December 2023-February 2024.

Old Masters Sit-Down Comedy #1 – Thomas Bernhard

Comp.Marius and ‘t Barre Land (NL) are presenting Sit-Down Comedy #1, the first of a series of small-scale performances with an extremely short production process, based on the prose works of Thomas Bernhard. To be shown June 2024.

Houthakken Sit-Down Comedy #2 – Thomas Bernhard

In ‘Houthakken’ the guests are invited for an evening meal. They wait for the guest of honor, a famous actor who will not arrive until after midnight. “Because of an actor serving potato soup at a quarter to one at night and announcing a cooked pike-perch… Ridiculous!” To be shown June 2024.

Lorenzaccio – Alfred (de) Musset

“Tous les hommes ne sont pas capables de grandes choses, mais tous sont sensibles aux grandes choses.” French tour through autumn 2024.

Rigoletto – Giuseppe Verdi & Victor Hugo

Adaptation of Verdi’s opera and Victor Hugo’s The King’s Fool. Reconstruction of a tragedy that started as a comedy. On tour autumn 2022