Alle koningsdrama’s in twintig minuten


A turbo-charged adaptation of all Shakespeare's History Plays, performed in twenty minutes. A living pamphlet with the motto 'Watch out, your sword is going rusty!' Premiere: September 1998, Vooruit, Ghent (BE)

Adaptation: Waas Gramser, Kris Van Trier
With: Waas Gramser, Kris Van Trier, Frank Dierens, Johan Heldenbergh, Sam Bogaerts, Dries van Heeghen, Twiggy Bossuyt, Adrienne Altenhaus, Bernard van Eeghem en Think of One
Co-production: De Onderneming in association with the Vlaams Theater Instituut

Past play dates

September 1998

Alle koningsdrama’s in twintig minuten

Vooruit – Gent (BE)